Grave robbing in San Cristobal

The mayor-elect in San Cristobal, Nelson Guillen, has complained that more than 300 bodies have been taken from their graves and are being stored without identification in the administration office at the Municipal Cemetery in San Cristobal.

He inspected the cemetery along with judges Joel Baldemiro Pena and Fiordaliza Rosario, where they questioned for over an hour, the administrator at the cemetary, Julio Reynoso.

During the inspection of the cemetery, the panel noted the state of abandonment, and Guillen promised that as soon as he takes over as mayor on 16 August, he will open an investigation to see if there is some sort of mafia involved in removing bodies from graves. He asked that a committee from the National Institute of Forensic Pathology (Inacif) inspect the cemetery and make recommendations on what actions should be taken to address the grave robbing.