Medina spokesmen agree with Blanco Canto

Spokesman for the Medina administration, Roberto Rodriguez de Marchena, said on 4 July 2016, that the government agrees with the proposals made by the president of the National Business Council (Conep), Rafael Blanco Canto, that called for changes to the Electoral Law, approving of the Political Parties Bill, passing of the Bill on Fiscal Responsibility and strengthening of the electoral institutions and control of public spending.

The business community has called for a comprehensive fiscal reform that would include more controls on government spending and a redirection of taxes in order to stimulate business. The government has argued it needs more funds to cover its fiscal deficit and continue to invest in social improvements, such as security.

“We are totally in agreement with the position set forth by the Conep, probably some see it as a confrontation, but that is not true. What Blanco Canto has stated is the same as we have been saying, and the fact is that it is the law. We are totally in agreement,” he stated. Marchena said when one speaks of the fiscal responsibility bill it is what is encompassed in the National Development Strategy (END), that is the Fiscal Pact or Comprehensive Fiscal Reform. He also stated the government is totally in agreement with the reform to the Electoral Law and the approval of the Political Parties Bill.

Nevertheless, he said that what has collapsed is the model of politics that has been in place since the 90s with neoliberal policies that not only have impacted the economy, Dominican society, but also the political parties. De Marchena appeared on Telematutino Antena Noticias Amanecer, where he was interviewed by Homero Figueroa and Lorenna Pierre.

Meanwhile, Administrative Minister of the Presidency Jose Ramon Peralta, said that the approval of the changes to the Electoral Law and the passing of the Political Parties Bill were priorities of the Medina administration. The ruling political party, the PLD is majority in Congress.

The statements by Blanco Canto have been backed with strong, vocal support from the business and non-profit sectors, including the American Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce, Association of Commercial Entities (ONEC), Participacion Ciudadana civic group, the National Shippers Association, the National Hotel & Tourism Association, among others.