Manufacturers want Electric Pact to be passed first

The president of the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD), Campos de Moya, said on Wednesday 6 July 2016, that before starting the debate for the fiscal pact, the discussions regarding the Electricity Pact should be concluded. The pacts are ordered by the National Development Strategy Law (END). De Moya concurred with the president of the National Business Council, Rafael Blanco Canto, in that a national priority should be the strengthening of the country’s institutions to better deal with national problems.

De Moya spoke at the weekly luncheon of the Corripio Communications Group. He argued that the Electricity Pact will help eliminate or reduce losses in the electric sector and therefore significantly reduce the fiscal deficit. De Moya also said that the lack of strong institutions has allowed corruption to increase in the country and facilitated the widespread violation of rules and laws.

De Moya was accompanied by AIRD executive director Circe Almanzar; Simon Suarez the president of the National Hotel & Tourism Association (Asonahores);

Andres Marranzini, executive director of Asonahores; Roberto Herrera, president of the Dominican Association of Electricity Industries (ADIE); Milton Morrison, executive vice president of ADIE; Jose Tomas Contreras, president of the Dominican Free Zone Association (Adozona) and Jose Manuel Torres, Adozona executive vice president.