Santiago Free Zone supports Blanco Canto

Miguel Lama, the president of the board of directors of the Santiago Free Zone Corporation, backed proposals suggested by Rafael Blanco Canto, the president of the National Business Council (Conep), regarding the need to enact and comply with an election law that provides clear rules and avoids the use and abuse of state resources, among other guarantees.

In the talk of 29 June 2016 during the American Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Blanco called for the passing of the Political Parties Bill, changes to the Electoral Law, the passing of the Fiscal Responsibility Bill, and the independence of government institutions in charge of monitoring government spending and accountability.

Lama told reporters from Diario Libre that the comments by Blanco Canto during the American Chamber of Commerce event made it clear that in the last elections “there was a collapse in the Dominican electoral system” due to the constant questioning regarding the impartiality of the agency responsible for holding the general elections.