Medina says the best days are ahead

After receiving his electoral certificate from the Central Electoral Board (JCE) at the event held on 7 July 2016 at the new convention center of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, President Danilo Medina spoke in optimistic terms about the future for the country and called his second and last term in office a new phase for progress for all Dominicans. He was accompanied by Vice President Margarita Cedeno who will also serve her second term as Vice President.

“Of this you can be sure: The best of our country is in the future, and I mean the near future. We will seize this moment together,” he said.

Also present at the event were the elected legislators.

The final vote count of the JCE showed Medina of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) having won with 2,843,956 votes for 61.76% of the votes.

Upon receiving the electoral certificate, Medina committed to do all he could to encourage lawmakers in congress to pass the Bill of Political Parties and that is intended to transform the Electoral Law. The President said both legislative initiatives are key for the democratic consolidation of the country.