Italian-Canadian Antonio Carbone freed

A National District Court has allowed an Italian-Canadian citizen, Antonio Carbone, to walk free after being held in prison accused of the December 2014 attempted murder of the general manager of Dream Casinos Corporation, Fernando Báez Guerrero.

The court made the decision as the one-year preventive custody imposed by judge Jose Alejandra Vargas had expired. Báez Guerrero’s lawyers complained as the decision was made after the senior judge, president of the court, Rafael Antonio had excused himself from the proceedings.

Báez Guerrero says that with Carbone free, he now fears for his life.

Carbone was placed in preventive custody in January 2014 when he was accused, along with his brother Francesco Carbone of trying to murder Fernando Báez. The casino manager’s vehicle exploded in October 2014, and Carbone was arrested as he was trying to leave the country from Punta Cana International Airport.

His brother, Francesco and another foreigner were declared to be on the run.

Dreams Casino is still under investigation by the Public Prosecution Service.

World Casino Directory news service recalls that Carbone and his brother Francesco established Dream Casinos Corporation before losing control over much of the business after reportedly being loaned over $110 million by Canadian financier and philanthropist Michael DeGroote and amid lawsuits, accusations of fraud and underworld intrigue. The news service highlights that authorities in the Dominican Republic and Canada investigated whether an international criminal organization used the business and its chain of around 1,000 betting shops to illegally launder money and serve as a front for other operations.

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