Montás wants out of Aquino Febrillet murder case

National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso says that the announcement by former PRM candidate for deputy, Edward Andrés Montás Lorenzo that he is withdrawing from the legal action against truck union leader Blas Peralta does not remove him from responsibility in the murder case.

The tragic events of March 2016 unfolded after a heated argument with Peralta in a city restaurant, when Montás got into former state university rector Mateo Aquino Febrillet’s car, only to be pursued by Peralta’s vehicle and ending with Aquino Febrillet being shot dead, allegedly by Peralta. The case, which is yet to be heard in court, seeks to prove that lead suspect Blas Peralta is guilty.

Montás said he was withdrawing from the case on the grounds that his mother had suffered a stroke due to the situation. On 23 May 2016 he had presented the case against Blas Peralta, Rafael Herrera Peña, Geraldo Félix Bautista Mena and Franklin Alejandro Venegas Rivas.

Shortly before his death, Aquino Febrillet was mediating in an argument between Peralta, then president of the Federación Nacional de Transporte Dominicano (Fenatrado), who aspired to be a PRM candidate for deputy, and fellow aspiring candidate Montás. National District prosecutors are accusing Peralta of shooting at Mateo Febrillet’s SUV during a car chase after the argument with Montás in a restaurant on Avenida Anacaona. The National District prosecutors said that after firing the gun that killed Aquino Febrillet, Peralta changed the barrel of the murder weapon and later threw their incriminating cell phones into the sea.

Although Aquino Febrillet’s widow has expressed her concern, she said nevertheless that the case would continue without him. “With or without Edward, whoever killed Aquino Febrillet will pay. The proof is clear and conclusive. Even the statements he made and which he cannot retract,” she stated.

“This is incredible. My husband gave his life for him and if we see who is responsible for Mateo Aquino Febrillet’s death it is him, because he had a row with Blas Peralta and neither of the two thought of my husband,” she stated. She said she suspects that what she describes as “interests” have motivated him to take the decision to withdraw from the case.

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