Nilka Jansen to head ProCompetencia

President Danilo Medina has appointed the deputy director of ProCompetencia, Nilka Elisa Jansen as its first executive director since the entity was created by a law in 2008. With the announcement, the government institution can now begin implementing the role for which it was created, which is to strengthen competition and fight monopolies in the private business sector. In 2016, Medina appointed its new president, journalist and lawyer Yolanda Martínez.

The appointments follows the August 2016 release of Inter-American Development Bank funded research that singled out several cases of dominant position, monopoly and oligopoly imposition by beer, pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

ProCompetencia was created in 2008 by Law 42-08, but so far it has only operated with a board that has cost the country millions in wages with little to show for the expense.

Jansen is a graduate in law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (2003-2007), with a Masters in intellectual property and information society from the Universidad de Alicante in Spain. She has taught law at the PUCMM, served as an assistant lawyer at the Supreme Court of Justice (2005-2008), legal advisor to Indotel (2009-2013), and lawyer at Pro Competencia from January 20013 to February 2014. In September 2016, she was appointed deputy director at ProCompetencia.

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