Robertico Salcedo kidnap plot?

According to Brayan Peter Félix Paulino, who is under arrest, the gang headed by the deceased John Percival Matos was planning to kidnap the television producer and actor Roberto (Robertico) Angel Salcedo.

Félix Paulino is accused of carrying out several armed bank robberies and getting away with millions. While known for committing four robberies (Villa Mella, Charles de Gaulle, Bella Vista and Plaza Lama), the Police also reported finding a long list of future crimes the gang was planning to commit. The popular movie and TV star and producer Robertico Salcedo was on the list. In response, Salcedo said he would beef up his personal security.

However, National Investigations Department of (DNI) head Retired Admiral Sigfrido Pared Perez said that in his opinion this was a fantasy and would only be dreamed up by someone who thought they were acting in a film. Speaking on the “A Diario” program Pared Perez said that the gang did not have the structure to carry out such an act, and that it was up to the Public Prosecution Service to establish Félix Paulino’s guilt as it was still not confirmed if he was a member of the gang.

Meanwhile, National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso bluntly said that her investigations so far have led her to believe Félix Paulino was jointly responsible for the crimes and not an accomplice.

Robertico Salcedo is the son of former three-time mayor of Santo Domingo. In recent years he has become best known for a successful series of comedy movies.

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