Help for El Seibo farmers

President Danilo Medina visited Mata de Palma in El Seibo on Sunday, 10 December 2017, for one of his surprise visits and promised “unconditional support” to the dairy farmers. He offered to assist farmers in getting land titles and financing for 5,000 tareas (1 tarea = 629 square meters) to grow cacao, passionfruit, guava and mango.

He said today people could make a living from agriculture, but their products need to be of a high quality to find a market. He offered one or two agronomists to help them in that task. Last week, already a group of technicians from the government had visited the area to determine which type of crops would be suitable.

The land belongs to the State Sugar Council (CEA). The director of the CEA, Pedro César Mota Pacheco, was asked to transfer the land to the Dominican Agrarian Institute for the purpose of cultivation.

Medina also announced that the government was financing a milk processing plant in nearby Hato Mayor so that the associations could sell their product for a better price.

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12 December 2017