Movearte: Let your imagination fly

Photo: El Caribe

The Catholic Church’s Evangelization Through Art Movement (Movearte) is recycling planes to encourage children to choose a career in mechanics. The largest, an old Dominicana de Aviación Boeing with capacity for 180 persons, was placed at the polytechnical high school located at Av. Cayetano Germosén near Av. Luperón and the ministries of Environment and Tourism. The large plane hull, interior and cockpit has been fitted as a classroom for teaching aviation-related courses in Greater Santo Domingo.

Movearte has received donations of three other smaller airplanes for installation in three other technical educational centers in the city. These are El Dique, on the east side of the Ozama River, that will also specialize in boat mechanics; in La Gina, in northern Santo Domingo near the La Isabela International Airport; and at the Colegio San Juan Bautista in Bella Vista sector.

Father Manuel Ruiz says the idea is to help children who have never been on an airplane to recreate the magic of flying. He said they have also received donations of airplane mechanical parts. “We have decided to recreate the magical world of the children to educate them in their world. I am a farm boy who came from Los Haitises who if I had not been a priest would never have been on a plane. I understand that by recreating this magic world we can put the children in contact with airplanes that otherwise appear to them as unreachable,” he said explaining the idea. He said they have purchased flight simulation software for the courses.

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28 December 2017