The heirs to Fefita la Grande?

Anyelky Acosta, la Niña Divina / El Nacional

A video that is circulating reveals the talent of 9-year old Anyelky Acosta from Santiago when playing the accordion and singing typical merengue. She is the great grand-daughter, grand-daughter and daughter of well known typical musicians from Santiago. Those who are marveled at her early talents say she could be the next Fefita la Grande, María Díaz or Mery Hernández (La India Canela).

The child plays with Wilfre Bisonó and Erickson Aybar, who play the drum and the güira, and Anyelk’s sisters Amberly and Anyerly make up the group “Anyelky Acosta, la Niña Divina”.

Anyelky and Amberly Acosta are the daughters of Analky Acosta who in turn has been playing since he was nine years old with a bachata group from his native town in Cabrera (Nagua), where he sat in for his father Félix Acosta who played the drums. His father was the son of drums player Demetrio Acosta.

The father, Analky Acosta today plays the drums with the typical music group led by Narciso Francisco, who is known as the Pavarotti of typical music.

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28 December 2017