31 die over Christmas and New Year holiday

The Center for Emergency Operations (COE) reported the death of 31 persons in road accidents over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Another 1,372 people were injured in these traffic accidents. He said that from Saturday, 30 December 2017 to Monday, 1 January 2018, there were 16 deaths from trauma and 435 accidents reported. There were 527 persons affected by road accidents, 267 persons suffered from alcohol intoxication and 11 from food intoxication. A motorcyclist was involved in 87% of the deaths.
The most accidents occurred in Santiago 32%, National District 20%, Santo Domingo province 12%, Puerto Plata 9% and La Vega 9%.

Major General Juan Manuel Mendez of the COE said that there were 1,213 accidents, 612 persons reported suffering from alcohol intoxication and 53 people from food intoxication.

He said this compares to 33 deaths last year and 1,459 traffic accidents, for a 6% reduction in deaths and 27% in accidents.

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3 January 2018