Special guest discussion causes cancellation Ozuna and Bad Bunny concert

Photo: Diario Libre

Diario Libre explains that the escalating of the discussion between a man and a woman seated in the special guest area of the Punta Cana Blue Mall Amphitheater during the Ozuna and Bad Bunny urban music concert on Saturday, 30 December 2017, led to the cancellation of the concert.

Fans in attendance posted videos of the disturbance that reportedly included Ozuna intervening to calm an agitated woman seated at a table at the concert. When efforts failed to quell the disturbance, security intervened to remove the couple from the venue. The attempt to remove the couple produced a vigorous protest from others seated at the table, resulting in an altercation that escalated into a full-fledged fist with chairs being thrown. The violence led to organizers having to cancel the concert.

As reported, the video became one of the trending topics over the New Year holidays.

Diario Libre observes this is not the first time an Ozuna concert has turned violent. The newspaper recounts a similar incident at an Ozuna concert in New York that also resulted in the concert being cancelled. Likewise, their warm up concert prior to the Festival Presidente in October in Santiago de los Caballeros was also cancelled due to an unruly crowd.

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3 January 2018