Another Brit travels to DR to find his online match

Waleed Islam / Diario Libre

British citizen Waleed Islam is interviewed in Diario Libre where he told reporters of his frustration that he has not being able to find the Dominican woman he had contacted via a match-making site. He said he came to the Dominican Republic to meet the woman in person, but this has not been possible. He said her name is Lisette Rodriguez, and that she described herself as the owner of a beauty salon. He said he has been here for a month. He described himself as a retired automobile industry engineer. Islam said he will remain here a few weeks to try to find her before returning to England.

The story unfolds after the much publicized tale of another unsuccessful match, that of Glyn Thomas Bailey of the UK and Dominican Wilfa Soto. Soto ended up having to economically maintain Bailey during much of his stay in the DR and appealed on social media for help in returning him to England. Bailey came on a one-way ticket. After her experience, Soto used social media to advise Dominican women to not commit the same error she had at inviting her online contact to visit. Diario Libre reporters say that Islam does not speak Spanish.

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4 January 2018