Awilda Moreta survives poisoning by father of her child

Photo: Hoy

She survived a brutal attack while her boyfriend committed suicide unable to face what he had done. 18-year old Awilda Moreta is now recovering in the Juan Pablo Pina Public Hospital in San Cristóbal having survived after drinking a poisoned-laced juice given to her by her boyfriend. The incident occurred at her job place in a sports betting shop in Arroyo Higuero, Cambita, San Cristóbal province.

Physician Natividad Portes of the San Cristóbal hospital said that Moreta is fortunate to have survived the attempt on her life, because apparently she drank very little of the poison. Her doctor says that she is recovering satisfactorily.

Thinking he had poisoned Moreta, 25-year old Mario José Paulino Bautista drank the same substance. He didn’t survive and was buried in Cambita Garabito. The couple had a three-year old who now lost his father.

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4 January 2018