Bail and preventive custody for suspects of irregular takeoff from Samana airport

Photo: El Nacional

Pilot Luis M. Pimentel Santos was allowed to post a RD$2 million bail in the case against him for illegal takeoff of Piper PA-23, Dominican registration HI896, at the Arroyo Barril International Airport in Samana. He was also legally banned from leaving the country and ordered to be available while the case is heard by the judiciary. Two others, military officers Alfredo de la Paz Rubí and Angel Benavides Fermín are accused in the case and were also allowed to post the same bail.

Five others received tougher preventive measures as their case is heard. An employee of the Avtur fuel distributor, a mechanic, an Aerodom airport employee, and Army sergeant Andy Lebron Martinez, who was the supervisor at the airport, received sentences of six months preventive custody.

The authorities also announced the arrest of Colombian pilot Orlando Morales Gaitan on Saturday, 22 December, when he attempted to travel to Bogota, Colombia on a Copa Airlines flight via Panama.

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26 December 2018