Intrant is judicially handcuffed until ruling is passed

Photo: El Nacional

The National Institute of Ground Transportation (Intrant) has no judicial standing to eliminate the chaos in the nation’s traffic systems, nor is it able to act against drivers wo are careless or reckless, because the government has not passed the obligatory regulations for the application of Law 63-17, say legislators Henry Meran, president of the commission of justice of the Chamber of Deputies, and Euclides Sanchez and Ricardo Contreras, of the public works commissions of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies.
They highlight that a year and 10 months after the legislation was signed and enacted, Intrant cannot take the sweeping actions required to reduce the traffic-related pandemonium that exists on the major streets and avenues of its principal cities.
They expressed their regret that Intrant itself is violating Art 336 of Laws 63-17. The article says that in coordination with the Ministry of Public Administration the Intrant should submit regulations to the Executive Branch within six months of the legislative approval of the law. This has not happened.
In a single paragraph, the legislation says that in order for the Traffic and Ground Transportation Safety Agency (Digisett) to function properly, the regulations have to be drafted by the Ministry of the Interior and Police in coordination with Intrant.

This has yet to be accomplished. There was hope that the Intrant would be able to put a stop to illegal stops of the conchos and buses, reduce accidents, even possibly eliminate, but at the least reduce, the huge traffic jams, and remove the hundreds of ramshackle vehicles that circulate in the major streets and avenues from circulation.

The legislators say that Intrant is afraid to act forcefully against any of the transportation “syndicates” for fear that their measures would be successfully challenged in court, given the back of the legislation to support the actions. Some legislators said that it is regrettable that these regulations have not been drafted and applied. Euclides Gutierrez told reporters “the Law 63-17 is very good, and if it is applied will provide a legal and operational framework to eliminate the problems of chaos and the traffic accidents.”

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26 December 2018