Dupuy Barceló executives accused of tax evasion

Three executives of Dupuy Barceló, the rum company, were arrested for tax fraud, according to the Attorney General Office. They are Robert Alexander Dupuy Barceló, Michael Wayne Dupuy Barceló and Jose Antonio Barcelo Larroca, president of the company. The Attorney General has yet to formally present accusations. The three were arrested on Friday, 13 December and sent to the Palacio de Justicia in Ciudad Nueva jail.

Ron Barceló SRL published paid advertisements in local media to stress that they are not related to the arrested officers of Dupuy Barceló. Ron Barceló says their brands are: Barceló Imperial, Barceló Imperial Onyx, Barceló Imperial Premium Blend, Barceló Gran Platinum, Barceló Cream, Barceló Dark Series, Barceló Gran Añejo, Barceló Añejo, Barceló Blanco Añejado and Barceló Dorado Añejado. The company says it purchased the Barceló brand in 2001 founding Ron Barceló SRL.

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16 December 2019