Public debt, education and health spending is 96.5% of 2020 budget

The Ministry of Education (Minerd) gets RD$194.5 billion, or more than 22% of the near-trillion peso budget for 2020. The budget allotment for Public Health is RD$94.5 billion. The Presidency will manage RD$67.55 billion in 2020. These three items comprise over 41% of the National Budget.

The Medina administration has budgeted RD$167.1 billion (19.4% of the budget) for the administration of public debt and financial assets, and RD$68.7 billion for the administration of obligations of the National Treasury. These two items compose over 22% of the Executive Branch budget for 2020.

The Legislative Branch will receive RD$2.6 billion for the Senate and RD$5.2 billion for the Chamber of Deputies.

The Judicial Branch gets about 1% of the total budget at RD$8.62 billion.

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30 December 2019