Free zones are manufacturing face masks, they want orders from the government

Luisa Fernández, the director of the National Council of Export Free Zones is impressed with what she calls “the capacity of companies to reinvent themselves.” She spoke at the Capex Master Class on the free zone sector. She said there are companies that had never manufactured face masks that are now turning out 4 million masks a week.

Luisa Fernández said there are around 20 companies that had been manufacturing swimsuits, t-shirts, shoes and other products and now are manufacturing face masks, protective gear, surgical sheets, coverings for hospital beds, and other needed items.

Meanwhile, José Manuel Torres, executive director of the Dominican Association of Free Zones (Adozona), called for the government to source locally from the free zones its need for facial masks and other items needed for public health sector.

“By buying from local producers, in this case the free zones, you will not only be buying a very good quality product, but you will also be protecting jobs,” says José Manuel Torres, executive vice president of ADOZONA in his bid for the Dominican government to source protective gear from the local free zones instead of importing it from China.

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22 May 2020