Diario Libre interviews Luis Abinader

The June Gallup-Hoy poll has Luis Abinader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) winning the presidential election on 5 July 2020. On the day the poll results were released, Diario Libre published a long interview where Luis Abinader shared what’s planned if he is elected President. He was accompanied by his economic team, that includes Miguel Ceara Hatton, coordinator of public policies; Lisandro Macarrulla, coordinator of the Presidential Cabinet; Jochi Vicente, director of the economic team; and advisors Alejandro Fernández Whipple and Pedro Silverio.

In the interview, he speaks of giving priority to small business, promoting cooperatives, exports, farming and reopening the tourism industry. He says construction will be given priority because it is an industry that activates many other sectors. He says the delayed Electricity Pact is on the books for the start of his government. Next, the Fiscal Pact to eliminate distortions and obstacles to economic and social development.

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Diario Libre

23 June 2020