Charging stations are installed to make it easy to get around on an electric car

Dozens of electric vehicle charging stations are being installed in the Dominican Republic. The plan is to have around 500 installed by December 2021. Already 150 are installed or in the process of being installed in the coming months nationwide. Interenergy Systems Dominicana’s Evergo technology platform is leading the effort for electric mobility in the Dominican Republic.

As reported in Listin Diario, Evergo is a pioneer in the installation of level 3 charging stations, known as “superfast” or “fast charger.” These allow a vehicle to be fully charged in less than an hour. Almost half of the available charging points that are being installed will offer fast charging, says the company.

Wellington Reyes, commercial and innovation director for Interenergy Systems Dominicana says the company is witnessing unprecedented growth in electric mobility. People are buying electric vehicles for their cost savings in low maintenance and environmental benefits.

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Listin Diario

25 June 2020