Despite the pandemic, Ministry of Public Health spends 5% less in May of its regular budget

In the midst of the international pandemic that has taken nearly 800 lives in the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Public Health saw expenditures fall by 5% in May, according to data from the Ministry of Hacienda. The figures from Hacienda say the year-to-year decrease in spending for the management of the nation’s public health hospitals came when cases increased by 150% from the previous month, as the social restrictions began to unfold. This reduction comes on the heels of an 11.8% increase in spending, year-to-year, in the previous months as the system struggled to handle testing, treatment and Intensive Care for hundreds of patients.

This fall off of expenditures in the public health sector was one of the reasons behind the recent RD$150 billion increase in the National Budget.

Overall, the government underwent a 13.6% increase in spending during May, but some economists feel that part of this was related to the upcoming elections.

However, what was more worrisome was the 37% decrease in revenues. This is the fiscal hole which the government now faces, a RD$29.6 billion drop.

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6 July 2020