Senate extends deadline to apply for Central Electoral Board (JCE) member positions

The president of the special commission to assess candidates for the five seats and five alternate seats at the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Ricardo de los Santos (PRM-Sánchez Ramírez) says an extra day has been added so those who could not apply online can deliver their applications in person. There have been problems with the online platform. The deadline is now Tuesday, 22 September 2020 at 5pm. De los Santos said that as of 21 September, 274 applications had been received.

The members of the Senate commission in charge of reviewing the applications are: Ricardo De los Santos, Bautista Rojas Gómez, José Del Castillo Saviñón, Ramón Rogelio Genao, Antonio Taveras Guzmán, Faride Raful, Iván Silva Fernández, Franklin Rodríguez and Melania Salvador.

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21 September 2020