Crowds over the weekend could revert Covid-19 downward trends

The Ministry of Public Health has said the Covid-19 virus is “under control” in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic right now is enjoying “the first flattening of the curve.” Yet, it takes but two weeks for the spread of the virus to spring back. Online videos are showing thousands of people gathering in violation of curfew and at resorts now open to domestic tourism all around the country.

The hot summer weather is driving people to the beaches. The mayor of the 4-km long Boca Chica beach to the east of the capital city, Mayor Fermín Brito promises the authorities will do better to control agglomerations. He says the city government will work closely with the Armada (Navy), the Tourism Police (Cestur) and the Police to ensure that people keep physical distance and wear masks at the beach. He made the statement when interviewed for El Nuevo Diario TV.

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28 September 2020