Preventive custody to devil’s acid criminals

The victim, Yocairi Amarante Rodríguez / Diario Libre

Three men accused of seriously injuring a 19-year old woman and the driver of a shared taxi vehicle were ordered to serve a year in preventive custody as their case is heard in court.

Judge Alejandro Vargas of the Permanent Attention Office of the National District ordered Willy Antonio Javier Montero, Pedro Alexander Sosa Mendez and Joan Jose Felix to serve the sentences at the Azua jail (El 15 de Azua). Javier Montero was the spouse of the victim and mother of her 2-year old child. Javier Montero claims he was consumed by jealousy after the couple separated.

They have confessed to their responsibility for the serious injuries Yocairi Amarante and the 69-year old driver of the shared taxi Amarante had boarded. The accused face sentences of up to 30 years in jail for the crime.

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4 October 2020