Journalist protests the unfair firing of her sister at the National District government

Rosa Encarnación / Hoy

Rosa Encarnación, a reporter at Noticias SIN, the leading TV news program, denounced on 13 October 2020 that her sister, who worked at the National District’s Municipality, was fired after Encarnacion had reported on TV that the city government was serving as guarantor for personal loans.

“What has happened to me is the living example of intolerance and that when people are in power in government they think they are untouchable,” complained the journalist. She referred to the intolerance of the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía.

The National District recently issued Resolution 25/2020 authorizing the municipality to serve as guarantor for city councilors and employees of the National District Municipality (Ayuntamiento del Distrito Nacional) that take out personal loans at the government Banco de Reservas. That is, the city government will pay the loan if the borrower defaults.

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13 October 2020