President Abinader says tourists are safer here than in their home countries, inaugurates new Punta Cana medical facility

President Luis Abinader was in Punta Cana for the inauguration of the Edificio Profesional de Artes Médicas at the Centro Medico Punta Cana in the Ciudad Sanitaria Rescue Punta Cana. The facility is the largest medical center serving both residents and tourists in Punta Cana

President Abinader congratulated Dr. José Natalio Redondo and other owners and partners of the medical center for its quality. The center has international accreditation.

President Abinader also gave credit to Dr. Redondo’s contributions to the treatment of Covid-19 in the country, helping bring the disease under control. Dr. Redondo is a partner in Grupo Rescue that has clinics in Puerto Plata, La Romana and Punta Cana. Early on, Dr. Redondo treated patients with Ivermectin, popularizing the treatment nationwide. Today Worldometer lists the 1M deaths per inhabitant rate for the Dominican Republic at 201. This means that people are less likely to die of Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic than in Spain with 715 deaths per million inhabitants, Brazil at 710, the United States at 668, the United Kingdom at 633, Italy 600, Colombia 551, Argentina 542, France 506 and Canada at 255. These are all major source markets for tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.

“We are prepared to receive the large number of tourists who used to visit Punta Cana and the country and, as the statistics say, with greater security than in the countries from where they come from,” said President Abinader, speaking at the event.

The five-floor medical building has 7,600 square meters for imaging services, laboratory and 42 medical specialty offices for the outpatient services of the Punta Cana Medical Center.

Public Health Minister Plutarco Arias, Tourism Minister David Collado and Administrative Minister of the Presidency José Ignacio Paliza were also in Punta Cana for the inauguration of the new medical facility.

During the visit to Punta Cana, President Abinader and his cabinet ministers also visited Cap Cana and toured the marina and the construction of the Margaritaville hotel. “The government will back projects such as Cap Cana that continue to present new offers in the construction of new hotels and residential developments,” said the President. In Cap Cana, the government was hosted by its president, Fernando Hazoury.

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14 October 2020