Military raid Tony Car Wash in La Romana

Public ministry, police and military raided the Tony Car Wash in La Romana in time to arrest dozens of persons who were there in violation of curfew. Last week, the commander of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Program (COBA) of the Ministry of the Interior and Police in La Altagracia, Roberto Antonio Silverio Castillo, had denounced higher up military officers was making it difficult for his patrols to do their jobs. He said that generals, colonels and other high-ranking military officials allow businesses to stay open after curfew to continue to sell alcoholic beverages to their customers. The director of the COBA had specifically mentioned that Tony Car Wash business was staying open after curfew because it had a military godfather.

This time around the military godfather was probably told to lay low and the patrons of the business were loaded onto a truck for the inconveniences suffered when one is caught in violation of curfew.

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19 October 2020