RD$60,000 added to wages of EdeSur manager, the US$10,000 credit card that came with the position is canceled

As part of the efforts of the Abinader administration to reduce wasteful spending in government, as reported the US$10,000 credit card that was allocated to each of the general managers of the three government utilities (EdeNorte, EdeSur and EdeEste) is canceled.

As reported, the government power utilities managers’ base wages per month range from RD$575,000 to RD$695,000. A perk of a RD$250,000 in credit card spending in pesos and US$10,000 in dollars was part of the deal during the Medina administration. No receipts had to be presented for spending with the government credit card.

Milton Morrison, named general manager of EdeSur, says the utilities board authorized an additional RD$60,000 to his monthly wage for gasoline purchases.

He explains that his predecessor, Radhames del Carmen Mariñez had a monthly wage of RD$575,000 and his salary is now RD$635,000 a month, including the RD$60,000 add on for gasoline expenditures. Mariñez, though, went on record to say that the RD$60,000 increase also means the government will have to pay more in severance, Christmas bonus, and vacation payments to the general managers.

Nevertheless, the Abinader administration is proud of reducing the board of directors of the state utilities from 37 members during the Medina administration to 9 members under the new Unified Board of Directors (CU-Edes). The estimated savings are RD$66 million a year. The state paid these RD$103.4 million, compared to RD$37.4 million, the present board will cost taxpayers.

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19 October 2020