Montecristi nature parks have new facilities

Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mera and Inka Mattila, resident representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) were in Montecristi this past weekend for the inauguration of several improved facilities in the province’s national parks. The works were built with major contributions from the UNDP and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) that financed the improvements.

They were the new pier at Isla Cabra, belonging to the Montecristi National Underwater Park, and the floating platform at the Estero Balsa Mangroves National Park. The pier responds to requests from tour operators for better safety for tourists booking their excursions in Montecristi. The platform will serve as a stopover for tourists enjoying aquatic activities in the mangroves and/or bird watching.

Montecristi has eight protected areas that account for 25% of the total area of the most northwestern province in the country. He visited the Estero Balsa mangroves, El Morro National Park, and the Cayo Siete Hermanos out islands, where Isla Cabra is located.

The new ecotouristic facilities contribute to sustainable tourism in the region, making it easier for domestic and foreign visitors alike to enjoy the natural attractions in Montecristi.

As reported, the infrastructure was carried out through the Coastal Biodiversity and Tourism Project (BCyT), a project that executes initiatives for a more diverse, sustainable and safe tourism.

In their speeches, Jorge Mera and Matilla highlighted the important linkages of tourism with other productive sectors and its potential to become a catalytic economic activity to drive the recovery.

Jorge Mera highlighted the high potential for developing ecotourism in Montecristi. “They can count on us to continue strengthen local capacities to manage natural resources,” said the minister. Jorge Mera said that the ministry is increasing its presence in the protected areas to discourage illegal constructions.

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15 November 2020