Did Jean Alain Rodríguez try to leave?

Former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez denies he tried to leave the country this week. Reports are that he attempted to leave on a private flight. Online media and radio talk shows and social networks have been abuzz with reports on the attempted departure this week. Rodriguez, nevertheless, told the press he is available for ongoing investigations by the Justice Department.

Reports are that he attempted to leave the country on a private jet charter flight with his wife and two children. As reported, a migration agent notified his superiors and permission to leave was denied. The family left without him on the flight, say the sources.

Reports are that the final destination of the family was Paris, where the mother of Jean Alain Rodriguez lives. She is a former Dominican ambassador to Germany.

Rodriguez says he has no legal impediment to leave the country and that that type of impediment needs to be issued by a judge. Reports are, nevertheless, that he needs the authorization of the Anti-Administrative Corruption Agency (Pepca) to leave the country.

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3 December 2020