Ministry of Environment clears Playa Arena Gorda beach

The Ministry of Environment ordered the destruction of vendor shacks and other businesses that had irregularly occupied beach front area in Playa Arena Gorda in northern Punta Cana. As reported, around 42 stands were totaled because they are in violation of Environmental Law 64-00 and Law 305-68 that ban construction in the strip of 60 meters between the high and low tide lines on the beaches and coasts.

The National Environmental Protection Service (SENPA), the Specialized Attorney for the Defense of the Environment, and the Specialized Tourist Security Corps (CESTUR) participated in the operation. The Ministry of Public Works, the Navy, the Dominican Army, and the National Police also collaborated.

The Ministry of Environment notified the business owners to remove their belongings before the bulldozers knocked down the stands.

Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mera said the constructions were a source of contamination and erosion of the beach.

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2 December 2020