What if the Constitutional Court overturns choice for National Council of Magistracy judge?

President Luis Abinader has convened the National Council of Magistracy to meet on Thursday, 3 December 2020. The body would vote to replace four judges of the Constitutional Court, the presiding judge and alternate of the Superior Electoral Court and on whether a Supreme Court of Justice continues or is substituted.

But, Diario Libre points out in a back page editorial on 3 December 2020 that the convening of the CNM could be premature because the Constitutional Court has pending to rule on a request for an opinion on whether the selection of the senator to represent the second majority is legitimate. The former ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) disputes the Senate decision that awarded the seat to a representative of the People’s Force (FP), the dissident party formed by former President Leonel Fernandez.

The PLD argues they should have been awarded the second majority seat because the FP participated in the 2020 congressional election as an ally to the PRM.

“What will happen if the TC rules that the PLD should have had the second seat, and the judges are already chosen?” asks the editorial.

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Diario Libre

3 December 2020