Dominicans hold five Guinness Records

There are five Guinness Records in Dominican hands. One of those records is that of the Most Couples Dancing Merengue (over 400). Another is record for the Largest Number of Persons Playing Domino at One Time (over 3,000). Another record is that of Continuous Reading Out loud, when a team organized by the Ministry of Youth read the work of Juan Bosch for over 350 hours–continuously! Another relay team with over 900 persons read for over a thousand hours (1,000:00:05)

Going forward, the Dominican Republic has had the record for the Oldest President in office, when Dr. Joaquin Balaguer, at 89, was President of the Dominican Republic.

The bartenders out in Punta Cana hold the record for the World’s Largest Mojito, with a 350-liter monster.

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10 January 2021