Public-private alliances to build 20 parking buildings in capital city and Santiago

The Ministry of Public Works announced the first five public-private parking structures in the National District and Santiago this year. These will add 2,109 spaces for vehicles in very congested areas in the capital city and Santiago, the second largest city. The 4-5-6 level parking buildings are contemplated in the National Parking Plan. The Parking Trust (Fideicomiso Parquéate-RD), a public-private endeavor, is funding the parking facilities.

President Luis Abinader attended the event to announce the paid-parking parking facility plans. Sixteen public-private parking facilities will go up in the National District and four in Santiago for an overall 8,109 parking spaces. The charges will vary. There will be fees for short-term parking (less than an hour), hourly fees, extended use fees. Monthly parking permits will also be sold.

Several facilities are to be located near Santo Domingo Metro stops to offer subway users places where they can park their vehicles safely and commute via metro.

The first parking buildings to be built are:

A 4,000 square meter area at República del Líbano and Paul Harris street in the Centro de los Héroes government building district. The parking lot of the National National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI) is being used. It will have 93 parking spaces per level, with a total of 463.

The second one to be built will be on Supreme Court of Justice land with an area of 2,743.94 square meters. This parking area will be located behind the parking lot of the Ministry of Labor. It will have 60 parking spaces per level, for a total of 298.

Another five-level vehicle parking lot will go up in Ensanche La Fe, to be built on the grounds of the Quisqueya Stadium, with an area of 5,000 square meters. It will have 116 parking spaces per level, for a total of 580.

The Ministry of Public Works will complete the Atarazana parking lot in the Colonial City. The facility will have 4 levels, and is located on Vicente Celestino Duarte Street, with an area of 2,000 square meters. It will have 52 parking spaces per level, and 208 in total.

In the city of Santiago, a 7-level vehicle parking lot will be built, in an area of 2,840 square meters, near the José María Cabral y Báez Hospital, located on Cuba Street at the corner of Sabana Larga. It will have 80 parking spaces per level, for a total of 560.

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12 January 2021