DNCD names fugitive who fired shots in Evaristo Morales

The National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) named Cornelio Acevedo Rojas (Compa) as the criminal who made several shots in the parking area of Pollo Victorina on Av. Winston Churchill on 12 January 2021. As reported, Acevedo is sought for drug trafficking crimes in the United States. Authorities say he is a dangerous person and is heavily armed.

What is known is that DNCD agents located Acevedo when driving on his vehicle on Av. Winston Churchill. He was approached by DNCD agents and ordered to stop. He did not, and instead, put his vehicle in reverse, crashed the vehicle of the DNCD agents, and then escaped. The persecution continued into the Evaristo Morales residential-commercial sector where he eventually abandoned the vehicle and escaped into a slum area. The authorities continue on the trail of Acevedo.

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13 January 2021