Government pays most of arrears with power utilities

The Dominican Electricity Industry Association (ADIE) reports that the Abinader government has reduced arrears with the power generators to the lowest level in the past three years. The debt has declined 56% when December 2020 is compared to December 2018. The power generation debt has declined from US$269 million in August 2020, at the change of government, to US$117 million in December 2020.

Manuel Cabral, executive vice president of ADIE, told El Dia that the stability in payments is beneficial for public finances and translates into security for investors. The regularization of the payments translates into an overall reduction in financial power outages in the country.

Power generators bill the government power utilities (EDEs) US$135 million to US$145 million a month.

On 19 January 2021, public and private generators delivered 2,420 MW to the national electricity grid.

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El Dia

20 January 2021