Amelia Deschamps to study documentary filmmaking at New York Film Academy

When respected TV news commentator Amelia Deschamps left the El Dia program with Huchi Lora, she did not really explain what she was up to. N Digital reports that Deschamps took time off to carry out a short course in microdocumentaries at the New York Film Academy. She now joyfully announces she has received a scholarship to study Documentary Filmmaking at the same prestigious New York Film Academy.

She explains: “The time has come to take the leap towards what I have always wanted to do. Today I see the world from a different perspective. I am very curious and want to go deeper. I feel the need to tell stories from another perspective.”

As reported in N Digital, Deschamps is a graduate in cinematography and audiovisuals from the state university UASD with a masters in journalism and strategic communication from the Universidad Miguel Hernández in Valencia, Spain.

Deschamp says she sees opportunities to produce documentaries and films using the incentives included in the Dominican Film Law.

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N Digital

10 February 2021