Photos of people getting injected with Covid-19 discourages people from getting vaccinated

Take a look at the media reports on the vaccinations for Covid-19. You will see people with faces of fear and concern as they are injected. You will see the cameras and photos showing the needle making its way slowly into an arm. Ouch!

During the “Esta Noche con Mariasela” TV show on 22 February 2021, communications expert Raul Bas said there are already many people that are scared of needles. He urges the media to find another angle and not show the actual injecting. He also said that people should not publish their photos when getting vaccinated because it makes other people who have not been vaccinated jealous and depressed as they wait for their own vaccination. He said people should just simply share they are vaccinated.

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Esta Noche con Mariasela

23 February 2021