Canadian arrested for crashing Las Americas International Airport

A strange crashing of the Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) highway occurred on Sunday, 28 February 2021 at around 1:40pm. The Security Department at Las Americas detained a man who rammed his vehicle through the pedestrian entrance gate, S13B, onto the main ramp in a BMW car. The license plate of the red vehicle is A645105.

The man is identified as “Levastien Massictle Lalumieve”, as reported in El Caribe newspaper. At the time of his arrest, he did not have any identification on him, but stated that he was a Canadian national. He was attired in just blue shorts. He even didn’t have a shirt on.

The authorities are investigating. What is known so far is that he at least violated Civil Aviation Security Law 188-11.

This event triggered the security protocol for acts of unlawful interference contingencies.

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1 March 2021