If I have been vaccinated, do I need to be tested in order to travel?

The short answer is yes, you do. Reporters who questioned staff at the Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) were told that those vaccinated who travel to the United States need to present a antigen test. Those traveling to Canada and select countries in Europe need to show a PCR test. Both need to have been taken within 72 hours.

This is because the United Stated does not recognize the Sinovac vaccine, since the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has not authorized it. The situation is the same for Europe that continues to require the PCR test.

Over the weekend, the US CDC issued new guidelines for vaccinated travelers.

The National Vaccination Plan is proceeding at a good pace in the Dominican Republic, now with the application of the second dose. Nevertheless, most Dominicans are expected to be vaccinated with the Chinese Sinovac/Coronavac or Sinopharm vaccines that have yet to be authorized by the United States and Europe for travel.

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4 April 2021