Police recovers RD$4 million in cash transporter heist

The Police has recovered almost RD$4 million of an auto-robbery by a cash truck transporter and accomplices. The Police have not said how much cash was in the truck.

Five arrests have been made in the case, and one returned the cash. The Police is on the trail of three others.

The Cibao Central Agency of the National Police reported it had recovered RD$3,937,650 in cash, of the money stolen from the armored truck. The Police say Luis Admi Rosario Guzmán, who was the driver of the Daihatsu truck is wanted, together with two others. Rosario is accused of planning the theft. The securities truck was abandoned in the La Terraza sector of Santiago.

El Caribe reports that Rosario Guzmán and two other fugitives allegedly took some suitcases out of the truck and transported them in the white Hyundai Sonata car that was left abandoned on the main street of Montellano, Puerto Plata.

In a video, the wife of truck driver Rosario Guzmán asks her husband to turn himself in.

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12 April 2021