Visual treat for all: The capital city is decked out in yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are in bloom in many of the main streets in the capital city. The trees were planted years ago on main streets years ago and bloom in spring, cherry blossom-style.

Diario Libre gives front-page coverage to the trees and highlights the Paseo de los Robles Amarillos, named by the new National District authorities, are just one of the city areas where the trees are in bloom. The Paseo de los Robles Amarillos is in the area of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Attorney General Office.

The scientific name of the tree is Handroanthus chrysanthus and it is a tropical tree. It is known as “guayacán amarillo or roble amarillo.” It is described as a deciduous tree growing up to 30 meters tall. It yields a good quality timber, but is best known for its showy yellow flowers that replace its leaves in spring.

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28 April 2021