Country asked to vote for new country brand

The creations of emerging Dominican graphic artists Alejandro Soto and Isabella Fernández are the finalists in the contest for the nation’s country brand. The young talents were backed by leading Dominican country brand authorities to develop the logos.

The general public is now asked to vote for the country brand by sending A for Alejandro Soto and B for Isabella Fernandez to Whatspp 809-440-9159 or SMS to 9669. The vote is free.

In the Sunday, 9 May 2021 late evening show where the two finalists were announced, the jurors slanted in favor of the country silhouette logo by Alejandro Soto for its uniqueness, that it is highly identifiable with the country and graphically-friendly in usable dimensions.

None of the six finalists had included the full name of the country in their original conceptions, but for the final country brand presentation, all of the logos featured the full name of Dominican Republic, including the two finalists.

In the presentation of the finalist logos for the vote, the organizers of the contest did not include the slogan, “La República del Mundo.” The slogan was highly criticized in social media and by country brand experts. It is not known if this slogan is to continue.

The artists were asked to create the logo based on five pillars: investment, exports, tourism, culture and citizenry.

The Ministry of Tourism has said that regardless of the logo chosen for the country brand, it will continue to use its present campaign of “The Dominican Republic Has It All.”