Local HMOs say they are willing to talk to end physician strike

In many major metropolitan areas, members of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD) are on a walkout against the Mapfre HMO in their quest to receive better pay from the local health administrators. The Dominican Association of Health Risks Administrators (ADARS) has rejected the strike call by the CMD, and they called upon the group to remember that the patient’s health comes first. The ADARS said that they were willing to collaborate with the National Social Security Council (CNSS) to solve the issues.

On the one hand, the Dominican HMOs have recently increased rates by as much as 66% in some cases, but doctors continue to receive the same pay. The CMD has called for the work boycott against ARS Mapfre Salud, a major player in the health insurance field. Mapfre says it will reimburse its affiliates for doctor consultations. Mapfre did not give details on how much would be reimbursed.

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10 May 2021