Centers should accept any proof of residence to vaccinate people living here

Public Health Minister Daniel Rivera said that any person who can show proof of domicile in the Dominican Republic can be vaccinated here. He spoke after hearing about an 88-year old woman who was denied the vaccine because she did not present an identity card.

Dr. Rivera said that all Dominicans and foreigners who live in the country, even when they do not have an identity card, can go to the Ministry of Public Health accompanied by a family member with legal status here and get vaccinated.

“If they have a permanent address here, the Provincial Health Agency will locate them and they will be vaccinated there,” said Rivera.

Dr. Rivera said that there are enough vaccines for both Dominicans and foreigners residing in the country regardless of their migratory status.

“From that point of view, those who are here (foreigners), of any nationality, not only Haitians, there are for example Venezuelans, Spaniards (….) all that group of foreigners if they have permanent address here, the Provincial Health Agency will locates them and there they will be vaccinated because thank God we have vaccines for Dominicans and for those who are here permanently”, he expressed by emphasizing that in principle the concern was because of the number of Haitians in the country.”

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6 June 2021