Young people, and old, use 3-hour grace period for relaxing on the waterfront

Reporters from the Diario Libre noted that in spite of the notable increase in cases of the coronavirus in all of Greater Santo Domingo’s hospitals and clinics, many persons congregated on the George Washington Avenue (the Malecón) seaside benches and kiosks to talk and listen to music during the three-hour grace period after the curfew. These three hours are exclusively for people to commute from where they are to where they will spend the night.

According to the newspaper, when the Saturday and Sunday 6pm curfew began, the Malecón was still full of people, and the National Police and members of the Armed Forces were required to tell these people to leave and get home. And then people wonder why there have been over a thousand new cases of the virus every day for the past two weeks.

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Diario Libre

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6 June 2021