Stowaway caught at Las Americas International

Private airport security at Las Americas International discovered a stowaway who intended to catch a ride in the landing gear of a Delta flight to New York City. CESAC members and private airport security officials were on an inspection tour of Las Americas International including the Punta Caucedo Cargo Terminal when the stowaway was sighted.

Woodside was apprehended at Las Americas by the Specialized Airport and Civil Aviation Security Corps (CESAC).

CESAC spokesperson Colonel Marisol Pelaez said this is the second time that the Bahamian citizen tries to sneak a flight to the United States, hiding in the aircraft landing gear. The report details that the first time Marcus Woodside had been detained on 24 April 2020 in a similar attempt. A judge released him at the time.

Woodside will be charged with violation of Air and Airport Security Law 188-11 and restricted areas.

The airport management company is installing thermal cameras and sensors to detect strange movements around the airport perimeter.

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15 July 2021